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Jeff Codling

I have been active with computers for over three decades. I have spent the last 20+ years working as a commercial truck driver towards being able to do my first love, computers. There is something about the machine that fascinates me, engages me, and motivates my creativity. In fact, the machine is my creative outlet.

When I was young I took Computers for Young People at Lambton College. There I learned VAX-BASIC. In high school they focused on BASIC but I also expanded my computer language skills to include assembly, C, Pascal, Cobol, and Fortran using the college's VAX VMS 780 mini-computer and my high-school's TRS-80 Model 1's then the education version UNIX based ICON. Since then I have moved on to C++, Objective-C, iOS programming, Java, Android programming, Python, some Ruby, as well as the languages of the web (PHP, javascript, etc). I am a quick learner and love to learn new things. This fits perfectly with the rapidly increasing rate at which computer technology advances.

I taught myself some HTML in 1998, then PHP and CSS in 2003. This led into javascript then node. I started creating websites in my spare time. I learned a lot from that and started my own web development company, JC Graphics and Web Design in 2004. I worked at developing sites part-time while working my full-time driving job. My proudest achievement was a site that could be viewed in English or Arabic with the click of a button.

After a few years of creating and maintaining client websites I no longer had enough spare time to dedicate to my clients as they deserved. In 2008 I made the decision to focus on my full-time commercial truck driving job. It was my best opportunity for income at the time. Working 60+ hours per week and then trying to spend another 20+ hours building and maintaining websites was too much.

I had the opportunity to go back to school and earn my diploma in 2013. I am now a graduate of Computer Programmer from Lambton College. I was also on the Dean's List (Honours).

I completed a MongoDB Administrator course through Mongo University. I found it very interesting. A non-relational database is a cool concept once I wrapped my head around it.

I am currently a programmer for ClearCare using Python (Django), javascript (React, React-Native, AngularJS, jQuery, plus many more), HTML/CSS and other technologies in my daily work.

I am always excited for the future!

This version of my site was inspired by me wanting to do something simple using the basics of only HTML5 and CSS3 with one small javascript script to show the current year at the bottom. This site validates to HTML5 and is completely responsive which was the goal I set for myself.

Thank you for your interest.

Personal Skill Levels

Embedded Systems (Arduino, Raspberry Pi)
.Net (C#)
C / C++
Database Technologies (Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB)
Learning and Self-Direction

Always working on it...

Contact Information

The best way to contact me is through email.

You can also see when I am available using this link to my calendar.